decode a foot-ball game at San Siro

San Siro Milan Champions League Fixture refreeround match startup lineup Inter Milan lineup Bayern Munich function countDown() { var el = document.all.howMany el.innerText– if (0<=el.innerText) setTimeout("countDown()",1000) else { // Replace following with custom action. el.innerHTML = "Do Action Now" // The following line is only necessary to reenable the "Go" button document.all.go.disabled=false; } }

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Tell Lou Mosco has sent u a game player in Tar wars of Afghanistan

“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““i was sitting at an Espresso Bar,and a bus passed by an ad of “Tell Lou Mosco has sent u”,by jove the tender at the espresso bar was a wiki chinese and i wondered if the life could countinue with 10 pence of Elizabeth ΙΙ

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Europe on $5 a day

Europe on $5 a Day by Arthur Frommer. The little book first appeared in 1957 and it revolutionized travel for thousands of North Americans. Wiley published a 50th anniversary edition in 2007, and happily,  was one of the lucky giveaway winners.Travelling to watch champions league matches,the book could come a handy.

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Champions league expert

Modus ponens is the  primary rule of infercncc by which a system adds new facts to a growing data base: P A TRAVELOGUE is a documented proof of such a system whereby  IF B IS TRUE AND B IMPLIES C  THEN C    IS TRUE.   If fiorentina has lost and FC Porto has won […]

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