the top three league issues in the league of their own

shirt pulling : a slang for a shouldering,doing it literally when the ball was away with the mid-fielder.stopping him to carry the ball forward

diving :a word for obstructing the mid-fielder from passing the ball on to with immediate result of stopping him to carry the ball forward

dissent :a phrase of words to obstruct the mid-fielder from passing the ball in immediate gain of stoppage time to carry the ball forward

not to carry forward in future league matches.


Pasta is promise,promise breakers are shoemakers of the league

the champions league works for the best  in the world,whether it is the weather of Amesterdam or Zurich,the city fares keep on happening around the league holders,the place holder cities for the clubs who participate in the league by virtue of their presence in the charts of FIFA.whether it is grade A for an FC or a B+ for the city or a C for the club,the champions league continue to do the rounds year by year,even during the world cup year for UEFA.

Epic Battlefield STADIO OLIMPICO of AS ROMA,SS LAZIO of 72,700 capacity of circa 1937

The Stadio Olimpico has played host to three European Cup/Champions League finals,two European Championship finals and one World Cup final.In 1968,Italy beat Yugoslavia to win the European Championship; in 1977 Liverpool beat Borussia Monchengladbqach 3-1 to win the European Cup;in 1980,Germany beat Belgium 2-1 to win the European Championships;in 1984,Liverpool beat Roma in a penalty shoot-out to win another European Cup;in 1990,West Germany beat Argentina 1-0 to win the World Cup;and in 1966,Juventus beat Ajax in a penalty shoot-out to win the Champions League