A pathway of Gods-Alien Crossballs of love and fire

An extraterrestrial can be defined in terms of symbols.The symbols that relate to extraterrestrial life,usually beams of light or telepathic communication.An alien might have cross-balls in place of eyes that fume lights of fire.Or it could be fires of love as not hating humans.What could be probable for an ET is non-human edifice.Non blood,non heart or soul attributes.More resemblance of an ET could be drawn to animal structure or strength.A domed shell like body with long slim protruding neck.A small but piercing and shinning cross balls,no human like eyes.More akin to God like power of navigation through the space,less verbal more still and piercing telepathy through beams of light.The light is reflected through a small cross-balls sockets.Cross-balls are tiny spherical dots,still and fixed at one point of view and rotating about the axis of body to include fuller sideways glance and vision.

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