If extra terrestrial life could be drawn on a chessboard

The queen starts on its own color.The king-side of the game is for checkmate.What we call an alien is a checker on which the chess piece moves.The black piece and white piece together makes the chessboard complete and each checker is an alien on the chessboard.What we have of the chess game is an army of status.The status is accorded high to king and low to pawns or foot soldiers.The moves on the chessboard is manoeuvres of alien across the cosmic arena.So to begin with we have aliens of two types,one black representing black checker and a white representing white checker.The black pieces represent an army of the black alien.While white pieces represent an army of the white alien.Pieces include the minor pieces,the bishop and knight,which are so called because of their relative weakness compared with the major pieces,the queen and the rook.From this trough we can define the extra terrestrial as white coming from the star or  a black coming from the empty space.The star represents an outer-space and the white checker is an alien from such an outer-space.The empty space is what we call star-ship flag-gate,representing the black checker.The moves of chess pieces is the fight between the king-side of two aliens.


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