Fuzzy logic says Aliens do exist

Abstract thinking is about a set of human objects having vague description.But an alien life thriving on intelligence design could evolve in terms of distinct values more than 2.Our digital machines behave on binary logic while humans tend to be abstract.If an alien life persists in the universe it could be based on thinking not […]

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Rahul Roy the cool shot he was

Still an air cooler, around him,Rahul Roy is a wonder India discovered largely in the middle class of the nation.He is still counted as a fashionable pro and his fans though might not have decreased in number over the past decade ape his style and aplomb.Rahul Roy still represents the Indian wannabe something in society […]

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A pathway of Gods- How an extraterrestrial might look like?

An extraterrestrial can be defined in terms of symbols.The symbols that relate to extraterrestrial life,usually beams of light or telepathic communication.What could be probable for an ET is non-human edifice.Non blood,non heart or soul attributes.More resemblance of an ET could be drawn to animal structure or strength,closest resemblance to tortoise but with supernatural powers of communication.A […]

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Love lorn Anju Mahendru

A love affair of young Rajesh Khanna and his love interest,a young svelte Indian cultured beauty Anju Mahendru.A divorce from Rajesh Khanna,Anju Mahendru seems love lorn as more articulate in romantic affiliations and relationships.Anju’s consistent single status as to maintain her independence in the world ruled by men adds to her romantic charm.A love lost […]

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An alien trek a pathway to Gods

Alien-UFOs.com – Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area 51, crop circles, abductions, conspiracy theories and more. Dota Allstars Map Download A number of discs coming from the sky,a pathway of the Gods,an alien trek is reported to saunter the snowy peaks of Rockies in the western Canada.No connection is made.The trek is led […]

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Alien life search

Searching for alien life is drawing us closer to the point where the alien life might exist in microorganism form or full developed organisms.The depth of universe gives us a probability that such alien life might exist somewhere in the universe.The number of stars and suns like ours in the universe gives us a number […]

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