Tribal junta Live Life Laugh with living dictators

Junta is a group gone large from a small bunch of cronies in assembly to a full blown coterie controlling the country with usually a fist.Junta doesn’t work in the reverse in the sense the ruling group driving the smaller or any of splinter groups.That there would only be one Junta within the confines of a country.Like a big fish eats the smaller fish,Junta controlling the county’s entire resources eats up any other groups that are existing anywhere within the confines of a country.That is the strategy by which Junta goes.Junta can be defined as a ruling group or council that directs the country through brute force,usually military.Military acts as a vehicle of mass segregation to dissemination of propaganda.The least interest of military is to invade any territory rather than the military just acts a proxy for the ruler as if the ruler exists only for the nation like Hitler or the military exists for the people like Mussolini.Junta is a force but only with a fist that silences the dissent and the grouping .Junta organization is tribal in nature.How the tribes organize so is the organization of Junta.The social organization is with a leader who propagates the ruler as necessary messiah for the social functioning and trappings.The society is for the state that state dictates not only the order but functioning .Junta is a tribal force that it organizes or reorganizes through force and nothing is deferred to state that state or ruler is overpowering and omnipotent



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