Would Obama run an ipod government ?

Obama is at the helm of democrat party’s proceedings to the election of the president.He is a bit elitist in controlling the populist demands of American politics,gathering an effective political will around himself.He represents a change in behavioural economics of 21 century American dream.Coming from a racial minority and representing as the democratic choice of candidate for the president of America calls for minor upheaval in how the American nation is organized.The American nation is changing with modern gadgets like ipod becoming common place in the society and a daily dosage of such gadgets a norm of life.Obama represents such daily dosage of gadgetry.He is up for a change against the traditional and offbeat patterns of social and economic conduct.But would he run an ipod government that is markedly different from the past governments who have assumed the office.Ipod is simple to use and that simplicity is reflected by Obama in his victory at democratic nomination.The populist aspirations based on foreign and economic policies as easy to go about rules the vast American diaspora.Obama neatly fits in.But would a government susceptible to ease to connect with overcomes the more bureaucratic governments that are prone to delays from political will than any other source,Obama’s liberal stance as neo -convertion to more liberal democratic practices stands out from the rest of republican party’s governance over the past decade.Obama is a neo -liberal and that goes well with  neo-technological advances like ipod.He is accessible though elitist in attitude which is counted mostly because is social and racial profiling.He is most likely to from an ipod government that is simple to access and easy for the people to connect to.


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