Adman’s world full of rags and tags

If I could guess of an adman I remember not of a suit and boot or a neck tie but a few casual acquantainces that he meets during the walks of his life.Here on this blog I would like to meet the same only the presentation of the world is different as virtual web notes.For me prefernces don’t matter but as ads are concerned I do care.I wish to start a commentary on ads that appear in the offline world and match or pitch them online.There are lots of things for me to consider the utmost is the relevance of the bridge between the worlds that are apart as offilne existence and online presence.And I consider marketing also on the bridge that I am trying to build.I would stick with the term online presence that amplifes virtual condition as the human existence presupposes the conditions of life in the real world. So my first post is only to say hello to this world of online presence. EOF


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