Is Bush home sick ?

Across all the platforms,Bush is under criticism of misadventures in Iraq ,riding to Baghdad and  thereafter leaving Iraq into utter chaos.Since then he has  become much of a loner in the manner Democrat election has taken its course.Obama is rising in popularity while Bush who is at the tether end of his political carrier failing to […]

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Would Obama run an ipod government ?

Obama is at the helm of democrat party’s proceedings to the election of the president.He is a bit elitist in controlling the populist demands of American politics,gathering an effective political will around himself.He represents a change in behavioural economics of 21 century American dream.Coming from a racial minority and representing as the democratic choice of […]

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Sumo wrestling a publicity booster

If size does matter then pounds must count till the last shred of entertainment.Sumo wrestling is a booster of size but could it be truly said about entertainment and publicity it provides.Just adding pounds does it mean adding to fun.There is no minimum standard as to the size as it is in other sports like boxing.So anyone […]

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Fashion and sex trade

What I checked in a mental health magazine was a tidbit about the innovation integrating fashion into sex trade.NGO Davida(of life) have come with a fashion label in support of sex workers.No adult sex peeks or tantalizing kinky twists but a relieving tactic of innovative designs sewn from hotel linen and worn by sex workers.It […]

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